General Administration

Committee work

  1. Handling of general affairs of APPIE
  2. PR and action for increasing membership
  3. Administrating APPIE web-site
  4. Conducting the works assigned by the APPIE president.

Action plans in 2018

  1. Editing and publishing APPIE Corporation Guide of year 2018 and 2019. The front page of monthly magazine “Funtai Gijutsu” is used for the front page of Corporation Guide.
  2. Distributing APPIE mail magazine to members.
  3. Holding the following seminars of overseas information. The seminars are fee-based.

a: The 4th seminar of overseas information

・Date: July 30, 2015
・Venue: Headquarters of Nisshin Engineering
・Theme: Vietnam
・Holding get-together and conducting questionnaire
・International Liaison Committee holds jointly this seminar.

b: The 5th and 6th seminars are planned but details are not fixed.

  1. Calling for non-members to join APPIE at the venue of POWTEX Osaka 2015
  2. Calling for non-members who attend seminars organized by APPIE to join APPIE.
  3. Considering and implementing the effective use of “5 minutes presentation” at Technical Information Exchange Meetings
  4. Planning and implementing the orientation for new members
  5. Planning publication of “APPIE in recent 5 years; 2011 to 2015”
  6. Expressing impression and opinions of APPIE monthly magazine “Funtai Gijutsu”
  7. Basic policy of General Administration Committee prescribed in bylaw of APPIE will be examined. Problems of general administration will be extracted by inventory of current works. Role-sharing within the committee will be considered.