ISO Mirror

Committee work

  1. Survey, research and dissemination of ISO related to APPIE.
  2. Making drafts of ISO as a domestic organization responsible to deliberate the ISO related to APPIE
  3. Working as a managing country of ISO affairs when requested.

Action plans in 2016

The ISO Mirror Committee consists of three sub-committees; sub-committee of evaluation of particle characterization, sub-committee of sieve and sub-committee of dust collection. Action plans of each sub-committee are as follows.

Subcommittee for particle characterization

Following the previous year, the sub-committee is to make drafts concerning ISO/TC 24/SC 4.

  1. The sub-committee will send delegates to the following international conferences of ISO/TC 24/SC 4. The delegates will participate in the work of making international standards.
  • The 48 Int. Conference at Paris, June 11 to 12, 2015
  • The 49 Int. Conference at Osaka, October 13 to 14, 2015
  1. Each WG deliberates regular revision and examination of ISO, and votes.
  2. The sub-committee is to make drafts and new proposals regarding the cases which the sub-committee focuses, such as laser diffraction method, sedimentation method, standard materials of particles, measurement of gas-phase.
  3. The sub-committee supports, Mr. Endo, who is in charge of affairs of SC international management for three years from January in 2015.
  4. As the host of the 49th Conference which will be held during POWTEX OSAKA 2015, the sub-committee will make preparations for smooth procedure of the conference.

Subcommittee for sieve and sieving

revise JIS Z 8807-1

Subcommittee for dust collection technology

  1. ISO 16891: The sub-committee is to make the draft of FDIS and vote. The sub-committee is to conduct a study of the treatment of JIS Z 8909-2, 3 and JIS Z 8910, and to consider making ISO 16891 an item of JIS.
  2. ISO 16313: Regarding Part 1, the sub-committee is to express opinions for the improvement. Regarding Part 2, the sub-committee is to get the position of project leader and make the draft of Part 2.