Nanoparticles Safety

Committee work.

  1. Considering technical problems of facilities and equipment from the view point of safety and health of workers involved with nanoparticles
  2. Playing an active role in application and practical use of safety treatment of nanoparticles.

Action plans in 2015

  1. Planning the seminar to be held in POWTEX OSAKA 2015
    Subject: Safety of nanoparticles
  1. Separation performance of nanoparticles in dust collection facilities will be investigated. Separation devices except using HEPA filter will be investigated..
  2. Proposing improvement of work environment where nanoparticles are dispersed in the space.
    Committee members will evaluate work environment of member companies and members’ laboratories and will propose ideas and methods of improvement.
  1. Re-considering and fulfilling the check list based on “Handbook of Safety of Nanoparticles”.
    Proposing the method to confirm voluntarily what is described in the handbook.