Committee work

  1. Survey, research and dissemination of standards related to powder industry.
  2. Supervising APPIE standards and proposing new standards.
  3. Deliberating drafts of new standards proposed by other committees and technical groups. Reporting the result of deliberation to the APPIE Board.
  4. Recommendation of candidates of awards which government institutions and other organizations give.

Action plans in 2016

  1. Promotion and support for domestic and international standardization:
    Making JIS drafts related to powder industry and engineering. Corresponding to new issuance and revision of ISO, JIS will be re-examined. Corresponding to two new ISO (terminology of particle characterization and optical measurement of zeta potential), JIS drafts will be made in 2015. The number of JIS which the committee will revise in 2015 is 7.
  2. Making drafts and re-examination of APPIE standard.
  3. Distribution and PR of achievement of standardization activities. New Standards are introduced in APPIE magazine “Funtai Gijutsu”.
  4. Understanding of standardization trend of powder industry and engineering in Japan. Attention is turned to the movement of ISO/IEC. Committee members are sent to the work of standardization for getting information to share.