I was appointed to be the president of APPIE in May 2016, and this assignment is now in the 2nd year. In this greeting message, I would like to review activities of APPIE in 2016 and describe the policy in 2017.
The outline of the operation policy during the period from 2016 to 2018 is summed up in the medium-term management plan which was written last year. The medium-term goal has been defined in the plan concerning our main businesses such as activities of technical groups, committees and divisions and holding exhibitions. The major strategy of the plan is to cover the principle and operation cost for the activities. We will follow the same policy this year and perform the plan adding necessary modifications.
POEWTEX TOKYO 2016 was held successfully at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from November 30th, 2016. The size of this event was a little bigger than the previous one in 2014. We had 16,789 visitors, which mean 14% increase over the previous one. I should like to express sincere thanks to people concerned, and I am pleased that we were able to show valuable information on powder technology to the powder-related industries.
Industry-government-academia cooperation was quite smooth in the event. The autumn meeting of SPTJ (The Society of Powder Technology, Japan) took place in the same venue as a concurrent event. SPTJ always supports APPIE from the academic side. I am happy to confirm that participants in this academic meeting had good opportunities of collecting information on powder industry and engineering and that both wheels of APPIE and SPTJ worked very well.
POWTEX OSAKA 2017 is held in INTEX Osaka for three days from October 11th, 2017. We will continue to work with SPTJ more strongly. This year 2017, in addition to collaboration with SPTJ, FABEX Foodtech 2017 Kansai and FASE Kansai 2017 are held jointly with POWTEX OSAKA 2017. We hope that this joint exhibition holding will lead to increase in visitors for 3 exhibitions.
Technical groups are the mail pillar that supports management of APPIE. Their activities are operated with great efforts in each group. The number of participants in group activities was 1,937 in 2016, 11% more than the previous year 2015, and vitalization can be observed even though a few subjects to solve. The group of electro-staticity technology ended its activity. The area covered by the electro-staticity technology group is covered by technical groups such as the group of dust collection which need the technology of static electricity.
This year, the technical group of computer simulation will start as a new group. This group will place an emphasis on practical applications of simulation such as design work of machine and troubleshooting in the factory field. Regarding the start of this group, contribution of the steering committee of technical groups should be applauded here.
It is expected in response to the start of this group that we will have new members from software companies.
The income from the sale of standard powders is important in the business of APPIE, second to POWTEX. The sales of last year is ¥95,858 which is 4.5 % increase compared with the previous year. We consider making a sales environment such as internet purchasing to enable not only Japanese users but also foreign users to buy our standard powders in an easy and simple way.
It is important and highly responsible job to establish standards such as ISO and JIS in that valuable guiding principles which are of vital use are provided to powder-related companies. So far APPIE has spent many personnel resources and much cost to standardization. The medium-term management plan suggests reduction of the personnel burden that APPIE has been bearing. This year, we try to increase income by subsidy and holding explanatory meetings of established standards.
We will continue to enhance the activities of the committee of nanoparticles utilization technology to provide useful technical information to industry circles. We will make an effort to get information with good quality and quantity by sending committee members to exhibitions taking place in Japan and other countries.
We will conduct the management of APPIE with cooperation of members, APPIE staff and friendship organizations. We are determined to provide useful information that meets the demand of the times.
I would like to ask for generous support and supervision of many people, and climb the stairs step by step to realize the above objectives.

Yukiyoshi Yamada
President, APPIE