I am in my fourth year as a president of the Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN (APPIE). I am very grateful for many supports that give me the energy to carry out activities for APPIE. Here, I would like to review POWTEX TOKYO 2018, one of our major events of last year, and explain our main plans for this year.

Our medium-term strategy made in 2016 ended in 2018, and the plan successfully reached our goals. I would like to thank the APPIE members, the concerned parties and the APPIE staff for their great cooperation. In 2019, we will implement our measures based on our new medium-term strategy.

POWTEX TOKYO 2018, a major event in 2018, was held at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from November 28. Visitors was 17,966, an increase of 7.0% over the previous event in 2016. On the back of moderate economic growth, we achieved the exhibition to increase visitors and business talks. I deeply appreciate the efforts of those concerned for the exhibition, and I am also proud of the fact that We successfully gave information about advanced and important powder technologies to the APPIE members and the industry people.

At POWTEX TOKYO 2018, the industry, government and academia collaboration was continued and so the autumn meeting of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan (SPTJ) was held at the exhibition. We gave the meeting participants opportunities to collect various information. The mutual exchange between APPIE and SPTJ has been very active; for example, SPTJ carried out planning of exhibitions. Both organizations show successful cooperation playing a major role in the development of powder technology. Executives from NürnbergMesse, Germany also attended the exhibition, and our overseas exchanges are developing step by step.

The new medium-term strategy for 2019 to 2021 focuses on enhancing technical group activities, restructuring the education business, promoting internationalization, and strengthening the organizations.

In technical group activities, unit operation technical groups stimulate “development of basic technologies and notification of important key technologies” and project-oriented technical groups stimulate “dispatch of advanced technology” as a goal. We are also planning to start a new technical group.

As educational business, we will rebuild our educational courses, which have been conducted for many years under the same concept, in a way that is appropriate for today, and hope to contribute to technological advancement for the APPIE members and related industries.

For the development of APPIE, exchanges with other countries are a necessary issue. We believe that it is important to do activities in a realistic way and make steady progress in making a strategic move for future internationalization.

Organization Strengthening Committee has been established as a new permanent committee. This committee will set strategic issues involving multiple committees, and decide policies with the relevant committees, and turn them into concrete measures. The current themes are: establishment of a new technical group, restructuring of educational courses by reviewing, approach to advanced new technologies, participation in activities of overseas companies, holding orientations to guide activities of new members. Based on these themes, we have started ambitious activities.

In order to realize these policies, we will cooperate with the APPIE members, the APPIE staff, and our friend organizations so that we can timely offer useful information. We would like to receive your support and advice as we strive to make progress step by step.

May 2019
Yukiyoshi Yamada
President, APPIE