This is the third year I have been appointed as the president of APPIE (Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, Japan). This year, I have appointed some young talent as board members, and will work under the new regime. In this greeting message, I would like to review the activities of last year and explain future plans.

In 2016, we formulated a medium-term management plan that summarizes management policies from 2016 to 2018. In this plan, we set the medium-term targets for our main businesses such as technical groups, committees, divisions, exhibitions etc. The major strategies of this plan were to cover principles and operating costs. The year 2018 is the final year of the plan. We have made plans with necessary modifications.

POWTEX OSAKA 2017, a major event of APPIE, was held at INTEX Osaka from Oct 10th to 13th. The number of visitors was 9,976, an increase of 16.4% over the previous POWTEX OSAKA in 2015. The part of the reasons of this increase was the effect of mutual admissions with FABEX Food Tech 2017 and FASE Kansai 2017. This mutual admission system has been in effect since 2015. I realize improvements of economic environments surrounding the powder industry. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to those who made a big effort in organizing the exhibition. I am pleased that valuable information of powder technology has been provided to our members and to the industry.

We were firmly maintaining cooperative relations of industry-government-academia at POWTEX OSAKA 2017, The autumn meeting of SPTJ (The Society of Powder Technology, Japan) was held as a concurrent event of POWTEX. Participants in the SPTJ meeting had opportunities to visit POWTEX and get various information. SPTJ cooperated with APPIE to plan and carry out some of POWTEX events. The mutual exchange between APPIE and SPTJ is very active and successful.

In 2018, POWTEX TOKYO 2018 is held at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from November 28th. Cooperation between APPIE and SPTJ will be done more strongly. Also, we plan to get a foothold of exchange with our overseas organizations. We are thinking of having an agreement with Nuremberg Messe on the exchange of barter booths.

Technical groups are the main pillar supporting the management of APPIE. Their activities are operated with great efforts by each group. The total number of participants in group activities was 1,936 in 2017 which was almost the same as in 2016. In 2017, Technical Group of Computational Granular Simulation started as a new group. This group tries to extend computer simulations to the powder industry from a new standpoint. The group is expected to produce fruitful results. In response to the start of this group, several software companies have joined APPIE as new members.

The Technical Group of Particle Assembly starts as a new group this year. As the result, the number of technical groups totals 20 now. This group deals with the problems of a wet particle assembly which is essential to an electronics industry and a dry particle assembly which has a wide application, and aim for improvements of processes and systems.

The business of selling standard powders is the second important scale in APPIE after POWTEX. The sale of last year was 91 million yen which was 5% decrease compared with the previous year, but still it keeps the same scale of selling as in the year before the last. Considering the convenience of many users including overseas users, we improve the sales environment and start credit-card settlement.

Establishing standards such as ISO and JIS is an important and responsible task of providing valuable guidelines indispensable to companies related to powders. So far, APPIE has spent a lot of human resources and costs on the standardization. The medium-term management plan calls for reducing this burden. This year, we will try to increase the revenue by holding a briefing session on the established standards.

The Technical Committee will continue to strengthen the activities of the Committee of Nanoparticles Utilization Technology to provide useful technical information to the industry. We will dispatch some members to the exhibitions held in Japan and other countries, and strive to obtain and provide high quantity information.

We will manage APPIE with cooperation of our members, APPIE staff and our friendship organizations. We keep providing useful information that meets the demands of the times. I would like to ask for generous support and supervision of many people, and climb the stairs step by step to realize the above objectives.

Yukiyoshi Yamada
President, APPIE