Significance of companies is evaluated by the achievement estimated by sales performance and profit and the achievement of fundamental technology supporting business. These two achievements are like front and rear wheels running the company toward long-term development.
APPIE is a public corporation promoting technology and engineering via exchange of information. APPIE acts for the specific area of expertise, mainly powder processing technology. Its activities cover a wide range from the basic work of creating industrial standards such as JIS and ISO and handling of standard powders to the service of providing information and publicity for manufacturers of powder machinery, engineering companies and users through activities of technical groups and exhibitions.
Technological information useful for our members is categorized into two. The first one is the information which gives answers and hints to various difficulties occurring in the factories. Technical groups of unit operations play an instructive role regarding this kind of information. The second one is the information concerning so called high-tech which is expected to emerge in the future. Technical groups of project-type play a future-oriented role in this information. Topics such as battery, static electricity and nanoparticles have been dealt with so far as the subjects of project-type.
Exhibitions assembling the information all together are POWTEX TOKYO and POWTEX OSAKA. These exhibitions are the most important events held by APPIE.
APPIE has launched the committee of nanoparticles safety and has been providing information of health safety aspect actively. Besides, the committee of nanoparticles application has been launched to develop production technique of nanoparticles. This application advances fundamental research in universities and various research institutes engaging in creation of nanoparticles, and the committee aims at providing information necessary to manufacture final products using nanoparticles which will be on the market.
Universities and public research institutes as well as divisions of research and production in companies contribute to the development of technology in many respects. However, in recent years, research in universities tends a little too much to specialize in modern high-technology. I have a little apprehension about this trend. Improvement and modification of current techniques in factories are very important for companies. To cope with the problems that factories are facing, the power of researchers in universities and institutes is imperative besides efforts made by researchers and engineers in the companies because in universities, problems are dealt with properly from the basic stance. Traditionally, APPIE has a close connection with SPTJ (Society of Powder Technology, Japan) which is an organization of academia and regarded as our brother society. Cooperation with SPTJ is a principle pillar for solving many problems.
Problems such as how to prevent contamination in battery and food and how to improve the production efficiency to yield qualified products with reasonable price are examples of necessity of collaboration between industry and university.
It is also required to capture the activities of APPIE from the viewpoint of management and to run the association with the sense of balance. What must be done now? What shall be done in future? We must make realizable plans and enforcement of policy.
I recognize that many problems are ahead of us such as the problem of POWTEX Year 2020, the 50th anniversary of founding of APPIE in 2021 and how to increase of members, particularly from users. We must overcome all of these problems. Information of need/seed of users should be conveyed correctly to manufacturers of equipment who are interested in such matters. Improvement and refinement of machinery which can be done now should be made continuously for certain. Steady efforts which lead to the rise in manufacturing level in total become the key for the development of industrial circles. I set my mind always to development of innovative machinery and production systems related to powder industry. Unfortunately, I have rarely heard such innovation recently.
Having the basic principle aforementioned, I am determined to make APPIE provide up-to-date and useful information to powder industry with cooperation of members, staff and other friendly organizations. I would like to ask colleagues concerned for warm advice and guidance.

Yukiyoshi Yamada
President, APPIE