Individual Members(Major Fields of Interest)

ADSCHIRI/Tadafumi Supercritical Fluids,Nano Technology, Hybrid Materials
AYA/Nobuhiro Measurement,  synthesis and application of nanoparticles
DOBASHI/Ritsu Safety Engineering, Combustion, Dust Explosion, Thermophoresis
ENDOH/Shigehisa Morphological characterization of  particle, Generation and classification of particulate materials,  Resources recycling,Dispersion of nanoparticles in liquid
ENOMOTO/Heiji Dust Explosions, Risk Assessment, Dust Explosibility, Prevention
FUJI/Masayoshi Powder technology,Interface Chemistry,Material Science
FUJII/Shuji Architectual and built environment, Environmental Engineering, Air quality, Cleanroom technology
FUKUI /Kunihiro Size classification, Filtration, Dust collection, Recycle of particulate waste
FUKUMORI/Yoshinobu Particle coating, Fluidized bed process, Agglomeration, Particulate design for cancer therapy, Controlled release technology, Dry coating process, Grinding of polymer
GOTOH/Kuniaki Dispersion, Classification, Re-entrainment, Dynamics of Aerosol
HAGURA/Yoshio Food Engineering
HATANO/Hiroyuki Fluidization, Gasification, Desiccant Air conditioning
HORIO/Masayuki Environment & Energy Chemical Engineering, Fluidized Bed Gas-Solid Reaction Engineering, Energy & Environmental Policies, Science and Technology Studies
ICHIKAWA/Hideki Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Technology
IIMURA/Kenji Synthesis and application of nanoparticles, Synthesis and application of 1-dimensional materials
IKAZAKI/Fumikazu Comminution
ISHIGAMI/Toru Direct numerical simulation modeling for granular and multi-phase flows, Rheology and Membrane separation
IWATA/Masashi Chemical Engineering (Mechanical Unit Operation) and Solid/Liquid Separation (Filtra- tion, Expression, Sedimentation, Floatation, Flocculation, Centrifugal Dewatering, and Electroosmotic Dewatering)
KAGE/Hiroyuki Fluidized bed, Granulation, Coating
KAGI/Naoki Building Environmental Engineering, Air Environment, Indoor Air Quality, Cleanroom, Aerosol, Chemical Contamination
KAMIYA/Hidehiro Fine powder technology for the application of material processing, energy and environmental fields
KANAOKA/Chikao Dynamic Behavior of Fine Particles, Dust Collection, Air Filtration
KANO/Junya Powder Technology, Chemical Engineering, Material Processing, Computer Simulation
KAWASHIMA/Yoshiaki Particle Design for Drug Delivery System,Spherical Crystallization  Agglomeration, Surface Modification
KOFU/Kenji Powder technology, Multiphase flow, Ultrasonic
KUROSE/Ryoichi Multiphase flows, Turbulence, Combusting flows, Thermal and Fluids Engineering
KUWAHARA/Yoshitaka Fine Grinding, Fine Powder Preparation,Powder Characterization
MAKINO/Hisao Dust collection, Measurement of fine particle, Combustion of particle
MASUDA/Hiroaki Fine Particle Technology, Aerosol Technology, Electrostatic Phenomena, Instrumentation
MATSUMOTO/Kanji Powder Technology, Membrane Technology, Separation Engineering
MATSUSAKA/Shuji Powder Technology,Aerosol Science,Electrostatics
MATSUYAMA/tatsushi particle characterization, applied
MIYAHARA/Minoru Surface and Interface Engineering, Phase Behavior in Nanospace, Brownian Dynamics of Nanoparticles
MORI/Yasushige Particle Size Analysis, Colloid Engineering, Nucleation
MURASE/Kazuo Granulation process with the crosslinking liquid adhesion
MYOJO/Toshihiko Aerosol Measurement, Respiratory Protective Device
NAITO/Makio Particle Design, Ceramic Manufacturing Technology, Powder Characterization
NAKAMURA/Masaaki Resources and Environment, Chemical Reactors with particles, Drying
NARUSE/Ichirou Energy and Environmental Eng., Coal Utilization Eng., Combustion Eng., Chemical Eng., Fluidization Eng., Waste Utilization Eng.
OGI/Takashi Chemical Engineering, Powder Technology, Nanoparticle Synthesis, Nanostructured Particles
OHYA/Hitoshi Environmental Engineering, Recycling Technology, System Assessment, Separation Technology
OKI/Tatsuya Mineralprocessing,Resourcesrecycling
OKUYAMA/Kikuo Chemical engineering, Heat transfer, Material synthesis, Aerosol science and engineering
OOSHIMA/Hiroshi Crystallization, Biomass, Biochemical Engineering
OTANI/Yoshio Aerosol Technology, Air Filtration
SAITO/Fumio Grinding, Mechanochemistry, Recycling, Fine Particle Production
SAKAI/Tetsuo Battery materials, Hydrogen energy
SAKURAI/Hiromu Measurement of aerosol particle
SAKAI/Mikio Computational Granular Dynamics,Parallel Computation,Physics Based CG
SENNA/Mamoru Smart solid state syntheses of oxide nanocomposites for energy storage devices and photocatalyses. Mechanism and application of mechanochemical reactions
SHIROISHI/Akihiro Industrial Crystallization, Environmental Engineering
SOTOME/Itaru  Food engineering, Postharvest technology
SUZUKI/Michitaka Mechanical Properties of Powder,Packing Structure of Particles
SUZUKI/Noboru Powder and Interface Technology
TAKAHASHI/Kayori Development of particle and polymer standards based on laser scattering and related techniques
TAKAHASHI/Minoru Powder Technology Inorganic Material Science Ceramics Engineering Ceramics Processing Rh
TAKAI/Rikuo Food Engineering, Food Freezing
TAKEI/Takashi Surface Chemistry, Interface Chemistry, Nano Particle, Nano Porous Material, Catalysis
TAKEUCHI/Hirofumi Pharmaceutical technology, Particle design
TAKEUCHI/Manabu Electronic Materials, Electrostatics
TAMON/Hajime Separation Engineering, Adsorption Engineering, Drying Technology
TANAKA/Toshitsugu Gas-solid two-phase flow, Numerical analysis
TATEMOTO/Yuji Fluidized bed drying under reduced pressure
TOGAWA/Kenichi Economic geography,Environmental Policy
TOMITA/Yuji Pneumatic conveying, Slurry transport
TSUBAKI/JunIchiro Development of slurry characterization techniques,  Development of cakeless filtration system
TSUJI/Yutaka Complex Particulate Flow, Gas-Solid Flows, Discrete Particle Simulation
TSUTSUMI/Atsushi Energy Chemical Engineering, Fluidization, Engineering, Nanoparticle Processing Technology
WATANO/Satoru Measurement, control, optimization and scaling-up of powder handling processes, Design of composite materials, DDS (Drug delivery system), Fluidization, Control of electrostatics
YAMAGUMA/Mizuki Hazards and nuisances due to electric power, electromagnetic waves and static electricity
YAMAMOTO/Hideo Classification, Dispersion in Gas Phase, Electrostatics, Size Measurement, Application of Ultra Fine Particles, Membrane Bioreactor
YAMAMOTO/Hiromitsu Design of Pharmaceutical Formulations and Drug Delivery Systems based on Powder Technology
YOSHIDA/Hideto Particle Classification,  Cyclone Particle Separator, Centrifugal Separation, Wet-classification, Particle Size Measurement,Standard Particle