General Meeting——- Member Companies/
Indevidual Member
 | Supporting Members
Advisory Council ——-Board of Directors
Director Recommendation Committee
Vice Presidents ————-President
Executive Director/staff   —————-|
Committee activities Technical Group Technical Center of Powder Technology
The following 16 regular committees perform main activities of APPIE. In addition, one-year ad hoc committees are formed to make JIS draft for powder technology. There are 19 technical groups active now. Each group holds meetings every year; which include lectures, technical debates, and inspection tours to factories and research facilities.  The following three divisions are formed in the Technical Center of Powder Technology.
The Continuing Education Division plans the lifetime learning program and holds lectures and seminars, etc. The Standard Powders Division produces and sells JIS test powders and APPIE standard powders. Industry-Academia Collaboration Division coordinates collaboration between companies and academic experts.
【Regular Committees】 【Unit operation Technical Group】 Continuing Education Division
General Administration Powder Handling Standard Powders Division
Technical Comminution Industrial-Academic Collaboration Division
 Terminology Classification and Sieving Technical Information Exchange Meetings
 Nanoparticles Safety Drying  Regional meetings for APPIE members are held in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.  The meetings are held 3 or 4 times a year in each region. APPIE members exchange various information and deepen a friendly relation in a get-together.
 Nanoparticles Application Dust Collection
Editorial Mixing, Kneading and Forming
Award Recommendation Granulation Tuesday Meeting (Tokyo)
POWTEX Measurement and Control Wednesday Meeting (Nagoya)
 POWTEX Tokyo Wet Process Thursday Meeting (Osaka)
 POWTEX Osaka Particulate Modification Technology Friday Meeting (Fukuoka))
Technical Groups Transportation
International Liaison Cleaning Technology
Human Resources Environment, Energy and Fluidization
Standard Powders Crystallization
Standard Fine Powder Nano-technology
ISO Mirror Electrostatic Processing Technology
 Subcommittee for particle characterization  【Project-Oriented Technical Groups】
 Subcommittee for sieve and sieving Battery Manufacturing Technology
 Subcommittee for dust collection technology Recycling and Reclamation
Dust Explosion Food Process Technology
【Temporary Committees】
Drafting of JIS 1
Drafting of JIS 2