Privacy Policy

The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, Japan (APPIE) complies with regulations for protection of personal information which the association collects in conducting business.

  1. APPIE publicizes the privacy policy and keeps APPIE’s officials and members informed about the policy and endeavors to improve it.
  2. APPIE prevents personal information from being missed, vanished, altered or leaked. However, APPIE does not have any responsibility for the personal information which has been open to public already before APPIE collects.
  3. APPIE collects personal information by legitimate and fair means, not by unfair and incorrect means. In collecting personal information, APPIE clarifies the purpose of collection, and confirms suppliers’ prior permission
  4. APPIE confirms that suppliers have the right to disclose, modify, disuse and delete their data. APPIE meets such a request of suppliers.
  5. APPIE uses the personal information for the following purposes.
    • Assessing the membership fee and confirming the payment.
    • Sending the monthly magazine “Funtai Gijutsu (in Japanese)” and books published by APPIE. Announcing meetings and events: general meeting, board meeting, committee meeting, meeting of technical group, exhibition, seminar and lecture course. Providing necessary information about management conducted by office.
    • Informing members of change, abeyance, cessation and cancellation of services of APPIE
  6. APPIE does not disclose the collected personal information to a third person or a third party without the prior permission of suppliers, except for the case specified under the Personal Information Protection Law. In some cases APPIE utilizes the personal information together with a third person or a third party. Also there is a case where APPIE entrusts the personal information to a third person or a third party to outsource the business of APPIE. In such cases APPIE examines the third person or third party carefully, and concludes a contract with them (including confirmation of the contract) Also, some other measures are taken if necessary.
  7. APPIE endeavors to maintain newness and correctness of the collected personal information.
  8. Responding to enactment and amendment of law, APPIE continuously strives to improve the privacy policy of personal information.
Inquiry about personal information Inquiry about personal information
If you have a question about personal information, contact the section of general affair of the APPIE’s office via “contact button”.