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In pharmaceutical and food manufacturing plants, sterilization and cleaning with high-pressure, high-temperature steam and caustic soda are performed to ensure safety and quality. However, due to the enormous processing costs, technological innovation and cost reduction are required.

Biofilm formed on the water treatment membrane is the main cause of contamination, resulting in increased cleaning and replacement costs. Although several techniques for suppressing microbial adhesion have been proposed, it is still difficult to completely suppress them at present. Therefore, it is highly desirable to develop innovative technology to solve this issue.

Microbial metabolites can cause the formation of bubbles and increase the solution viscosity, which makes it difficult for homogeneous mixing in the bioreactor.

Bioparticles can be characterized using conventional methods, however, the effects of biomolecules on the cell surface must be considered.

Biofilms with microbial growth are commonly used in wastewater treatment processes. Maintaining a high concentration of microorganisms in the bioreactor is effective for improving the efficiency of the biological treatment process. The carriers for immobilizing microorganisms have been developed, however, its control depends on the unknown microorganism properties.


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