Environment, Energy and Fluidization

About us

In 1993, the fluidization technical group was founded and in 2004, we changed the name to the technical group of environment, energy and fluidization in order to express that environment and energy is our important issue. Environment and energy is a major issue for Japan after 3.11, the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, and for every countries around the world as well. Not only advanced technologies but also mixing-and-matching of matured technologies are important to solve these problems. But when we want to use good technical ideas, existing social systems often become big obstacles. We would like to make efforts to improve those situations and promote the spread of potential technologies.

Current level of technology, trend and activities in future

Powder technology is a fundamental key technology in the field of various energy conversion processes for solid fuels like coal. Recently, it has also been applied to the regional energy conversion process, i.e., woody biomass conversion or waste incineration processes. As conventional technologies, pulverized and fluidized coal combustion systems are widely used in the world. On the other hand, coal technology requires new developments to reduce global warming gas and increase efficiency. Therefore, new technologies have been investigated such as Oxy Fuel Combustion, Integrated coal Gasification Combined Cycle(IGCC), and Chemical Looping Combustion(CLC). Among these developments, the important key technology is the powder handling technology under high pressure or particle recirculation etc.

In these processes, such complicated phenomena as reactions, heat transfers and multiphase flows take place simultaneously and interact each other. Woody biomass and waste have various kinds of irregularity. For example, they have aggregated or fibrous structures. As a result, the approach to deal with problems happening in handling technology is inevitably empirical. Theoretical methodology of powder handling technology is expected to be developed but it must be a vital challenge.
Fluidized beds have been used not only in the environment and energy field but also widely in the industry of other fields. 30 through 40 years have passed since their original installations of fluidized bed facilities. Recently many processes need to be improved from the point of efficiency or cost. However, there are not so many researchers who conduct the fundamental research in this field. Therefore, Environment, Energy and Fluidization group co-hosts the fundamental practical training course on fluidization every summer in Chuo University in Tokyo to maintain fundamental technical capabilities of engineers in the industry.

Recent international workshops or symposiums in which the technical group of Environment, Energy and Fluidization is involved or interested are as follows;

  • 11th fluidized bed technology international conference held in May in Beijing (China) where 146 reports have been published (2015.5),
  • 68th meeting of IEA-FBC (Fluidized Bed Conversion) held in Beijing (China) for emission control (2015.5)
  • 69th meeting held in the Aix-en-Provence (France, 2015.11).

Our group pays attention to the following domestic meeting.

  • 21st SCEJ symposium on Fluidization & Particle Processing held in Kitakyushu (Fukuoka) (2015.12). The 22nd one will be held in Tokyo.(2016.12).


Coordinator Chuo University HATANO/Hiroyuki
Vice Coordinator Nagoya University NARUSE/Ichirou
Representative Organizer TSUKISHIMA KIKAI CO., LTD. TAKADA/Maki
Vice Representative Organizer NARA MACHINERY CO., LTD. TAKASHIMA/Hisatsugu
Organizer CHUGAI RO CO., LTD. ONO/Shouta
Emeritus Coordinator Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology(Professor Emeritus) HORIO/Masayuki