Food Process

About us

The main subject of the Technical Group of Food Process is “safety and security” that is the basic principle of food production. This group collects the latest technical information about following topics:

1) Unit operation and cooking for the production of safe food

2) Management to improve food reliability

3) New production technologies corresponding to the consumers’ needs

4) Systems for high-mix low-volume production.

The information obtained from the group activity is offered in easy-to-understand manner to the members.

 Current level of technology, trend and activities in future

This group collects information of the latest unit operations of powder processing. Particularly the group is interested in advanced technology and unit operations applicable to food production. Regarding the technological direction, it is necessary to reconstruct unit operations in food processing. Unit operations and technologies which this group pay attention to are as follows. Assignments in each unit operation are also shown.

  1. Unit operations of mixing, granulation and coating: production of powders with high quality, coating of fine powders, prevention of contamination, production facilities easy to clean up (structure and materials)
  2. Unit operations of comminution, classification and dust collection:. control of particle size, measuring technique, on-line and in-line sensor, control of static electricity, classification taking into account materials properties (cohesiveness, electrification and poor dispersibility, etc.), detection and sorting of foreign substances, optimization of operation condition of bag filter.
  3. Unit operations of handling: continuous and batch production in response to high-mix low- volume manufacturing, low-volume continuous manufacturing, improvement of efficiency (pneumatic conveying and cyclone)
  4. Maintenance of food production environment: management of clean room, sanitary control of production facilities and floor, insect deterrent, dust control, deodorization, food defense system, reduction and recycle of waste, reduction of food loss
  5. Hybrid technology: It is required for break-through of production technology to create hybrid technology which combines an existing technology with a newest one. Hybrid of 3-D printer and development of raw materials and hybrid of a plant factory and a fully closed culture fishery can be considered as examples. In the latter example, an advanced circulation system of gas and liquid will be constructed where unwanted things are thrown away and necessary things are supplied.

This group deals with the basic theme in food industry such as production of safe and secure food and development of new cooking and production system. Also, it watches the trend in various fields of powder technology.


Coordinator Hiroshima University,
Graduate School of Biosphere Science,
Department of Biofunctional Science and Technology
Vice Coordinator Tokyo University SOTOME/Itaru
Representative Organizer NISSHIN SEIFUN GROUP INC. NOMURA/Mitsuo
Vice Representative Organizer NISHIMURA MACHINE WORKS CO., LTD. NISHIMURA/Motoki
Organizer AJINOMOTO CO., INC. SAIKAWA/Tomohide
Emeritus Coordinator Professor Emeritus,Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology TAKAI/Rikuo