Measurement and Control

About us

The technical group of measurement and control started its activities in June 1974 with the group name of “Weighing& Control Subcommittee”. We have been using the present group name since June 1983. From the time of start, the group has been focusing on technology trends of powder instrumentation and measurement. Activities of the group include planning of factory tours and seminars. Also the group is engaged in the investigation and various standardization of standard sample powders.

Current level of technology, trend and activities in future

Powder measurement technology continues to progress ceaselessly, and they can be classified into the following three items.

・Technology that has been developed from prior art

・Technology that has been applied from other fields

・Technology that has been developed completely new

It is the root of our activities to follow these technology trends. Especially, a laboratory level “batch” technology is progressing now, but in the future our interest will be focused on deployment to measurement techniques applicable to the production site.

In addition, the important factor affecting whether these techniques will be fixed or not, is reliability of data. In order to clarify the reliability, we think it is important to continue the activities in cooperation with Standard Powder Committees and various Standards Committee.

In the field of nanoparticles, regulations for risk management is being established and is progressing in the world. However, there are many problems concerning such as powder type and nature, interpretation and definition of particle size, relations with various measurement methods, and dispersion and aggregation. It is difficult to resolve these problems by using a single technique. Our group will focus on these technical trends related to nanoparticles. It will be increasingly necessary to continue survey and investigation of these problems.


Coordinator Doshisha University,
Dept. of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Vice Coordinator Okayama University,
The Graduate School of Natural Sci. Technol.,
Div. Applied Chemistry
Representative Organizer SHIMADZU CORPORATION WASHIO/Kazuhiro
Vice Representative Organizer SEISHIN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. AGAWA/Naoki
 Organizer HORIBA, LTD. ISHIKAWA/Takahiro
MicrotracBEL Corp. SUZUKI/Masahiro