Particle Assembly

About us

The technical group of particle assembly started as a project-type technical group. In the group action, we catch up technical trends about wet and dry processes of high-speed coating, packing, building, deposition, stratification, and 3D assembly of nanoparticles, and distribute the trends and information for members, especially focusing on how to solve practical issues in industries and how to understand the fundamentals for developing and improving particle-assembling processes.

 Current level of technology, trend and activities in future

Process technologies to fabricate layers of assembled particles on a solid, including liquid film coating of slurries and dry deposition of charged/uncharged nanoparticles, play a key role in achieving desirable functions of particulate films, 3D blocks, and advanced devices with the aid of unique characteristics of nanoparticles. In wet coating, process technology has been developed to control packing density of particles, to solve environmental issues, and to coat in large area at high speeds, particularly for coating of ultra-thin films of 100-nm-thick or less, and precision drying technology of 100-um-thick coatings. In dry coating technology, high coating efficiency of particles on solid surface, minimized re-entrainment of particles, and precise control of particle size distributions are all challenging. In addition, controlling orientation of non-spherical particles, developing visualization/measurement tools to monitor time-dependent particle assembly, and elucidating physicochemical mechanism of particle assembly are common key issues for wet and dry technologies. In this group, members exchange technical information on particle assembly through seminars, lectures and technical tours implemented by the group, in collaboration with other technical groups in APPIE. This group focuses on the following subjects.

  1. Developing dry and wet process technologies on nanoparticle assembly and their hybridization.
  2. Systematically organizing process technologies on particle assembly in a function-material-product space.
  3. Developing technologies to fabricate 3D functional particulate layers with precisely-controlled distributions and orientations of particles.
  4. Developing technologies to control structures and functions of particle-particle, and particle-substrate interfaces.
  5. Developing numerical simulation tools for process analysis and design on particle-assembly.
  6. Developing technologies to utilize materials-informatics (MI) on particle assembly.


Coordinator The Kyushu Institute of Technology. YAMAMURA/Masato
Vice Coordinator Kanazawa University. Seto/Takafumi
Representative Organizer Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. NAKAO/Syuya
Vice Representative Organizer Nisshin Seifun Group Inc. NAKAMURA/Keitaro
Organizer Canon Inc. KISO/Shigeo
Wagner-Hosokawa Micron Ltd., KIMURA/Syoji
Nippon Chemical Industrial CO., LTD. TANABE/Shinji