Wet Process

About us

The technical group of wet process has been active in a wide industrial field ranging from the conventional wet processes, such as flocculating separation and filtration, to the development of new materials of fine and nano-particles. In addition, recent water treatment, which is widely applied in the field of nano particles, food particles and emulsion, requires filtration being precise and establishing the reliable theoretical model.

Current level of technology, trend and activities in future

The interest of the group members (companies) varies in a wide range of industrial field as described above. All the group members should pursue an extensive survey and the technical development, including global water security and next generation particle materials, to keep up with future globalization. In this background, our group aims to contribute to the innovation of wet process by discussing various subjects, ranging from water treatment to advanced materials.


Coordinator Osaka Prefecture University IWATA/Masashi
Vice Coordinator Okayama University,
The Graduate School of Natural Sci. Technol.,
Div. Applied Chemistry
Representative Organizer KANSAI WIRE NETTING CO., LTD. ISHIKAWA/Satoshi
Vice Representative Organizer SHIKISHIMA CANVAS CO., LTD. OKAMOTO/Yasuji
Organizer KOEI SANGYO CO., LTD. ASAI/Nobuyoshi