JIS TEST POWDERS1(JIS Z 8901) (Class 12 Carbon black)


Reference standard:JIS Z 8901
*Material used:Carbon black

*Physicochemical characteristic

Absorbed amount of DBP 25~34 ml/100g
Adsorbed amount of iodine 22~30 mg/g

Absorbed amount of DBP: The amount of the DBP(Dibutyl phthalate)necessary to fill the void among particles shows the state of the agglomeration of particles.
Adsorbed amount of iodine:This value is an amount of iodine which is adsorbed by the unit mass of carbon-black and relates with the specific surface area.

*Particle size range : 0.03~0.20μm

  • Measured by microscopic method.
  • Particle size distribution is not prescribed.

Microscopic Photograph

Test Powders 1-Class12(Carbon black)(EM)

Test Powders 1-Class12(Carbon black)(EM)

Test Powders 1-Class12(Carbon black)(EM)

Test Powders 1-Class12(Carbon black)(EM)


Air cargo charge and handing expense are added to prices in the list. Invoice will be sent for inquiry with required quantity and destination of the cargo. Delivery of cargo shall be made after confirming your payment to our bank account indicated in the invoice.
For example, 10 Kg of JIS Test powder 1-Class 2 Quartz Sand to Kuala Lumpur costs 96,900 (JPY), consisting of powders price: 74,000 (JPY), cargo charge: 15,400(JPY) and handling charge: 7,500(JPY). Payment shall be only in Japanese Yen to our bank account.
Please remit full amount of our Invoice to us, all Banking Charge are for your account.
Credit cards are not available in any case. (Currency:Japanese Yen)
Shipment type is DDU. (Delivered Duty Unpaid)

Classification Material used Package Price ( JPY )
Class 12 Carbon black 1Kg 8,000


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