The procedure method of the order

We are pleased to learn of your interest in our JIS Test Powders.
Attached please find our Product Catalog and Price List. Also attached is Form of “Request for Quotation([PDF] or [Excel]). Please fill your requirements in the Form and return it to us by E-mail or fax. Be sure to indicate the Material, Package Unit, Quantity, Details of recipient (company name, name of person in charge, address, telephone and fax numbers).
Upon receipt of the filled-in Form of Request for Quotation, we will send you our quotation indicating the price, air-freight and terms of payment.
Thank you very much again for your inquiry and we look forward to your reply.
Should you have any further question, please let us know.


The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN
Kyoto Office (Head Office)
No.5 Kyoto Bldg., 181 Kitamachi, Rokujo-agaru, Karasuma-dori,
Shimogyo-ku Kyoto, 600-8176, Japan
Tel :+81-75-354-3583    Fax :+81-75-352-8530
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Air-freight charge and handling charge are added to prices in the list. Invoice will be sent for inquiry with required quantity and destination of the cargo. Delivery of cargo shall be made after confirming your payment to our bank account or Credit cards indicated in the invoice.
For example, 10 Kg of JIS Test powder 1-Class 8 Kanto (Japanese) loam to Shanghai costs 115,500 (JPY), consisting of powders price: 84,000 (JPY), Air-freight charge: 24,000(JPY) and handling charge: 7,500(JPY). Payment shall be in Japanese Yen to our bank account or Credit cards. (Currency: Japanese Yen)
In the case of remittance from a bank, please remit full amount of our Invoice to us, all Banking Charge are for your account.
Payment is to be made before shipment.
Upon receipt of the total amount, we will dispatch the consignment.
Shipment type is DDU. (Delivered Duty Unpaid)

JIS TEST POWDERS1(JIS Z 8901) (Class1,2,3 Quartz sand)
JIS TEST POWDERS1(JIS Z 8901) (Class 4,9 Talc)
JIS TEST POWDERS1(JIS Z 8901) (Class 5,10 Fly ash)
JIS TEST POWDERS1(JIS Z 8901) (Class 7,8,11 KANTO (Japanese) loam)
JIS TEST POWDERS1(JIS Z 8901) (Class 12 Carbon black)
JIS TEST POWDERS1(JIS Z 8901) (Class 16,17 Calcium carbonate (heavy))
JIS TEST POWDERS2 White fused alumina
E-TEST DUST (for the electrotechnical products)
Reference Material Certificate (CRM) MBP1-10, MBP10-100